Poem 143 ± October 25, 2105

Lorraine Currelley
This Journey of Grace

we have shed tears, cursing the night
questioning who, what, when,
where and how

embracing our present
navigating our new way of being
we are not less than or broken
nor have we ever been
we remain life worthy
living each day with continued
wonder and expectation
breathing gratitude and hope
never hiding in fear, shame or guilt
these will not love nor support us

instead we choose to kiss sunlight
and be warriors of healing
comforting those needing
speaking bravely of courage and
in the midst of new found faith and grace
we will acknowledge that
we have saved ourselves

Lorraine CurrelleyLorraine Currelley is a widely anthologized poet, writer and member of the Pearls of Wisdom Storytellers as well as the founder and executive director of Poets Network & Exchange, Inc., a positive, safe and supportive space for poets and writers at all levels. Her awards include the 2015 Arts for A Lifetime Grant from the New York Public Library, a Bronx Council for the Arts 2014 Seniors Partnering with the Arts Citywide Residency ( S.P.A.R.C), and BinderCon Scholar Grants for 2014 and 2015. Lorraine was president of the Harlem Arts Fund and is a board member at Pen To Mind Books & Child Development Concepts, Inc. and Blind Beggar Press as well as an adviser for Writing for Peace.

This poem is not previously published.