Poem 183 ± December 4, 2015

Edward D. Currelley
We Wait

We wait, bodies weakened, bedsores, intravenous drip.
Our sunshine, a meal delivered by a smile, an empathizing touch.
We wait, for mask covered faces, the feel of latex gloves.
We wait, longing for kind eyes, a gentle non-judge-mental voice.
We wait, for potential cures valued greater than life itself.
We wait, forgotten.
Our dreams of hope, crying out for,
Empty souls
Broken hearts
Broken spirits
Broken minds
We wait, for a future everlasting.
We wait, for the non-existent existence.
We wait, for the kind words of remembrance.
We wait, for the waiting to end.

Edward_CurrelleyEdward D. Currelley is the author of the children’s book I’m Not Lost, I’m With You and the young adult book That Krasbaum Kid, both forthcoming. His poems have appeared in Sling Magazine, Mom Egg Review, and DoveTales, as well as in the anthology Across the Way: Mountains (Eber & Wein Publishing, 2014). Edward is the president of Pen To Mind Books & Child Development Concepts, Inc. and lives in New York.

This poem is not previously published.