Poem 186 ± December 7, 2015

Mirvan Ereon

I have sores all over me:
They scar my fragile surface
Like constellations
Spanning the universe
Of my feeble flesh.
I gasp and sigh.
I hear the delirious
Whispers from my thighs.
These are not moans
But the sole sounds of my bones
Breaking into mourning.

Maybe I should be glad
That something still feeds on me.
I want this love to die
But it cannot be.
It is the disease
Which runs alongside
The potent malady in my being.
Compromised I will forever be.
But with you, I find the strength
To make myself immune
Against all this insanity

Mirvan EreonA poet, artist, author, polyglot, madman, fetishist and self-confessed deviant, Mirvan Ereon started his prolific career after he discovered he was HIV- positive in February 2012. He became a full-time indie writer, translator and book reviewer. He maintained several websites, mainly on literature, his art, his writings and HIV/AIDS in WordPress, Blogspot and Tumblr. His Twitter is @posithivecutie and his blogs include The Sexy Squid and http://posithive-cutie.tumblr.com. Mirvan Ereon was diagnosed with HIV in February 2012 at the age of 21. He died of AIDS-related complications in August 2012. He lived in the Philippines.

This poem appeared on Mirvan’s blog, The Sexy Squid.