Poem 236 ± January 26, 2016

Jayy Dodd
For Michael “Tiger Mandingo” Johnson, Or 89 Prayers

To preserve the complex formatting of this poem, we have included it as a PDF that will open in a separate tab when you click on the title below:

For Michael “Tiger Mandingo” Johnson, Or 89 Prayers

Jayy Doddjayy dodd is a writer and artist born in Los Angeles, now based in Boston. He’s a senior editor at The Offing and Blavity. His work has appeared / will appear in Lambda Literary, Crab Fat Magazine, Prelude Mag and THOSEPPL among other online culture sites and magazines. His first chapbook [sugar in the tank] is forthcoming on Pizza Pi Press. He is the co-director of Books of Hope, a youth poetry publishing and performance program based in Somerville, MA.

NOTE: The poem includes text taken from “89 Gay Black Men Pen Letter to Michael ‘Tiger Mandingo’ Johnson” on Mused.

This poem is not previously published.