Poem 321 ± April 20, 2016

erica gerald mason
Three Poems

never let me go
promise me you
will hold my hand
no matter what
tell me you will
never let me go
how you will see me
in the light and
find me in the dark.

i am
i am fire
i am violets
i am the space
between the stars
i am the stars themselves
i am everything
i am nothing
i am mine
i am yours.

by touch
i stepped into
the inky unknown
ran my hands
along the walls
felt the ridges
and sharp edges
again and again
until the darkness
was nothing but
a figment of
my imagination


Erica Gerald MasonErica Gerald Mason is the author of i am a telescope: science love poetry (Create Space, 2016) and cherry cola (Create Space, 2015). She is the editor of Wanton: Stories of Wonderfully Shameless Women (Create Space, 2014). She lives in Georgia.

These poems appeared in i am a telescope: science love poetry.