Poem 344 ± May 13, 2016

Christian Axavier Lovehall
Brutha from Anotha…

And bruised
I stand
Upon Mother-less land
As leaves
Muddied in grief
And silence
I am marked
Like Beast
Beauty hidden
beneath keloids
that smile
Big lipped
In vain
from Bwoy to Nigga
House to field
The store bells ring
My name
in anticipation
Of the wild and
I am a soft light
Feared and
Reduced to figments
Of shared realities
Raped and eaten alive
There is blood in these handshakes
It smells of wombs
breasts and God
I am guilty
Until proven innocent
Hated for the Zulu in my walk
the Patois inna mi talk
The Taurus in my moons
Non phenomenal
Denied to rise
I am Man
Black Man
and I am nothing
That they say I am

Christian LovehallChristian Axavier Lovehall is the author of Black, Trans & Gifted (Lulu.com, 2016). Christian, also known as Wordz The Poet Emcee, was featured on In Bed with Butch, a Philly-based LGBT entertainment show that aired on Comcast and performed on BET’s flagship popular music series 106th and Park. Christian graced the cover of Original Plumbing Magazine, a trans male quarterly based out of San Francisco, and was featured in their 2011 calendar. Christian was an editor of TMan Magazine. He founded and organized the Philly Trans* March, an annual rally and march towards trans* equality, and with his partner Milan N. Sherry created and organized the National Trans March of Resilience. Learn more at the tumblr His Pen…UNTAMED.

This poem is not previously published.