Poem 361 ± May 30, 2016

Jeremy Dixon
The Editor

honestly nothing happens
over pizza on City Road
he talks Hollywood slander
and sleeping off red carpets
under boardroom tables

you need a pseudonym
like me he says
write it all down
he knows many words
I can’t keep up

there’s his sister’s wedding
we build people towers
in the castle grounds
but he won’t join hands
he’s with somebody else

at the all-night shop
in a Guardian obit
I read his story
a diary of lost men
that’s how I find out

has some bastard hurt you
asks an anxious drag queen
as I cry at the Benefit night
write it all down he says
who needs to own a racehorse


jeremy-dixonJeremy Dixon lives in rural South Wales making Artist’s Books that combine poetry and photography. His poems have appeared in The Found Poetry Review, Really System, Riptide Journal, Roundyhouse and other journals. For more information visit hazardpress.co.uk, or find him on Twitter @HazardPressUK

This poem is not previously published.