Poem 66 ± August 9, 2015

Aaron DeLee

(twingk) n. 1. a glittering flake that’s thin, pointed, and shades the eye; capable of drifting, falling into the wrong spot and cutting a cornea on the laser-lit dancefloor; a speck in the spectrum ready to be swept up with a thousand others. 2. a terse period in one’s life when briefs barely tense at the waistband, often slipping off; when one repeatedly listens to, sings, relates to Popular and Part of Your World. 3. young enough to believe in fairy tales, the things daddies tell their boys before going to bed– ex.: Poz here, but on meds, very healthy, undetectable viral load — non-contagious. Actually makes a safer fuck than others. Just can’t do condoms any more, can’t feel anything through them. 4. Slang: the pejorative for one who’s easily slung; a lightweight accustomed to the vulgar, an obscene scene, characterized by a lack of good breeding like public schooled Hoosiers whose Health classes skipped this subject. Also see: Brent Corrigan; Peter Pan.

Aaron DeLeeAaron DeLee’s poems have appeared in Court Green, Assaracus, The Goodmen Project, and other publications. He received his BA from Loyola University Chicago and his MFA from Northwestern University.

This poem is not previously published.