HIV Here & Now turns 50…days old, that is

So we’re up to Poem 50 in our poem-a-day countdown to 35 years of AIDS on June 5, 2016. Take a look at the stunning roster of poets we have featured to date:

Michael Broder
Julene T. Weaver
Merrill Cole
Sarah Sarai
L. Lamar Wilson
Joan Larkin
Risa Denenberg
Steven Cordova
Eileen R. Tabios
Joseph Osmundson
Danez Smith
Daniel Nester
Jennifer Michael Hecht
Patrick Donnelly
Phillis Levin
Jason Schneiderman
Charlie Bondhus
Michael Montlack
Guillermo Filice Castro
Sophie Cabot Black
Michael Carosone
Robert Siek
Jericho Brown
Elizabeth Alexander
David Groff
Tom Capelonga
Debora Lidov
Donna Minkowitz
Stephen Mills
John Medeiros
Antoinette Brim
Stephen Riel
Perry Brass
Philip F. Clark
Billy Merrell
Nina Bennett
Steve Turtell
Jim Elledge
Austin Alexis
Sarah Russell
Nancy Bevilaqua
Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
Allen F. Clark
Christopher Gaskins
John Whittier Treat
Marie Howe
Chip Livingston
Eduardo C. Corral
Cheryl Clarke

Large Blog ImageThat’s about 14% of the way to the end. Or 86% of the way from the end. 50 days/poems down, 315 days/poems to go. A lot of awareness to spread about testing, treating, and preventing HIV and eliminating the shame and stigma associated with an HIV diagnosis. Come with us on this journey. Stay with us on this journey.