Poem 366 ± June 4, 2016

Donald Illich Farm i am the farm chickens pigs cows goats horses i am the pond filled with fish the barn covered in hay the tractor gnawing grass i am the clear sky mirrored in puddles i am the farmer dressed in denim i am his straw hat shielding sun i am his overalls keeping … [Read more…]

Poem 365 ± June 3, 2016

Ruben Quesada Lament After Aivazovsky This star has been dying, God. And if ancient seahorses and whales could flee, they would surge into the empty sky. Watch their tails trail into the distant future like lonely comets their dying light haunting the darkness, where anything is possible. Do not be angry with us. Let us … [Read more…]

Poem 364 ± June 2, 2016

J.M. Templet Two years, one month, one week, three days I sit across from ghosts at a folding card table in the basement of Our Lady of Perpetual Redemption I wonder at women saints I’ve read about some dying in flame or war their intellect too beautiful hiding under those black robes I want to … [Read more…]

Poem 363 ± June 1, 2016

Nancy L. Meyer The Jar When a mother is so old When a mother is so old When she insists she is done yet breathes on and on, on and on. Then, at last, gone. The Chinese jar squats on my desk, your ginger jar, colors more green than orange, painted women raise fingers mittened … [Read more…]

Poem 362 ± May 31, 2016

Ina Roy-Faderman circadian rhythm your body clock beats the heart’s talking cells speak of red endless circles like the salt of the ocean flows through the world that is you that lives with one hundred thousand lives across your skin and in your mouth that lips can breathe out explorers touch galaxies shared within an … [Read more…]

Poem 361 ± May 30, 2016

Jeremy Dixon The Editor honestly nothing happens over pizza on City Road he talks Hollywood slander and sleeping off red carpets under boardroom tables you need a pseudonym like me he says write it all down he knows many words I can’t keep up there’s his sister’s wedding we build people towers in the castle … [Read more…]

Poem 360 ± May 29, 2016

Tela L. Love Journey Through My Truth Yes. I’ve been the hurt one, sad confused and afraid. Believing for my promiscuities; for my insecurities; for my impurities there was a price to be paid. I’ve lain down with the wrong man and arose to find I now carry a deadly strand taking the form of … [Read more…]

Poem 359 ± May 28, 2016

Kenneth Wagner Surprise EDITOR’S NOTE: To preserve the complex formatting of this poem, we have included it as a PDF that will open in a separate tab when you click on the title below: Surprise by Kenneth Wagner   Kenneth Wagner’s work has appeared in Recently published in Synesthesia Literary Journal, Hanging Loose, and Rattle. … [Read more…]

Poem 358 ± May 27, 2016

Larry D. Thacker Neon Lover There’s something about neon that seduces me. A sign or two I can handle, thank goodness, but a street in Korea or Japan vertically striped like sliced night sun, the buzzy tentacles lifting the spirit of my electromagnetic being off the sidewalk and down an alley into the true pulse … [Read more…]