Na(HIV)PoWriMo ± April 14, 2017

Thomas Goins
From Steve

Eve-less Adam—
ushered in by silent trumpets
populating a frame
of prodigious foliage—
you knew sensuality
as I did when your teeth
tore flesh from the grapefruit,
and the pink anthurium,
with its own phallus,
shielded your cock
as the rest of nature bared
you for my curious eyes
to swallow each aspect
at length:

a lean physique of a soul unsaddled
by gluttony and glistening
from divine birth.


Thomas (Thom) M. Goins is a 2016 graduate from Fayetteville State University and has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language & Literature.

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Here is today’s prompt

(optional as always)

Notice how Thomas Goins, in today’s poem, writes a paean to Adam in the voice of “Steve,” appropriating and rehabilitating the conservative antigay slogan “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” Write a poem that takes negative terminology—shaming, stigmatizing, pejorative, etc.—and transforms it into empowering and celebratory language.