About the Project

The HIV Here & Now Project uses poetry and other arts to advocate for a world without HIV or AIDS. It is a project of Indolent Books and is directed by Michael Broder.

The project grew out of an anthology of poems touching on HIV in the 21st century (the anthology is still in development). On June 5, 2015, we started an online poem-a-day countdown to 35 years of AIDS on June 5, 2016.

With the online countdown behind us, we are editing the print anthology and keeping the site lively with blog posts by contributing editors and guest bloggers (many of whom contributed poets to the online countdown and will be represented in the print anthology). Blog posts address long-term survival, recent infection, racialization of HIV, criminalization of HIV, globalization of HIV, and living with HIV risk, among other topics.

Large Blog ImageOur mission is always expanding—to new media, new audiences, new goals and objectives. Follow us, join us, live, learn, struggle, and love with us.

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