Poem 248 ± February 7, 2016

Trivarna Hariharan

To preserve the complex formatting of this poem, we have included it as a PDF that will open in a separate tab when you click on the title below:

Trivarna Hariharan “Answers”


Trivarna HariharanTrivarna Hariharan is the author of Home and Other Places, forthcoming from  Nivasini Publishers (2016). Her work appears or is forthcoming in Textploit, Writers Asylum, Literature Studio, TheOriginalVanGoghsEarAnthology, A Penny for a Thought, Orange Almonds, The Bougainvillea Lit Road Magazine, Mad Swirl, Tuck Magazine, Life In 10 Minutes, The Quail Bell Magazine, CultureCult, Tangerine Heart Lit Zine, Vigilante Publications, Germ Magazine, Paper Lens Zine, The Criterion, and On The Rusk, among others. She is editor in chief at Inklette, the poetry reader for Sprout and is the Head Officer for Journalism at Redefy.

This poem is not previously published.